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    Q : What size range and weight of mold can you make?

    A : Maximum Size:2600*1000*800MM(L*W*H)

       Weight: 10 Tons


    Q : What is your lead time of mold ?

    A : Around 30~45 days including mold design, it depends on mold size and structure. 

    Q : What kind of tooling/mold do you make?

    A : Plastic injection Mold and our mold is mainly exported.

    Q : Where are your customers from?

    A : Our customers cover worldwide.

    Q : What quality standard of mold do you use?

    A : DME, HASCO, DAIDO standard. It depends on customer’s requirement.

    Q : What is your company strength?

    A : ?Offering competitive price;

         ?Strong design and engineering ability;

         ?Advanced production technology and equipment;

         ?Strict quality control system;

         ?Flexible management and excellence service;

         ?Team-work with customer.