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    Home>Our service

    Our service

    ? Project Management

    ? DFM & Mold Design

    ? Mold Manufacturing

    ? Injection Molding

    ? Logistics

    With an international perspective, we provide customers with multi-level, wide-angle high-end products manufacturing services.

    Our aim is to design and manufacture high quality precision molds for our customers and realize the value maximization is the purpose of our service.

    Innovative Fields in the Market

    ? Automotive

    ? Household electrical appliances

    ? Medical and health care

    Our Partners

    Global Customers

    We are a leading one-stop total plastics solutions provider. We have a strong management team and advanced injection mold design capability and professional molding technology. 

    It has won the support and trust from customers from all over the world with excellent service!


    Global Suppliers 

    Raw materials are one of the essential elements of quality assurance., we have established long-term and good cooperative relationship with domestic and foreign suppliers.